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IGCSE Chemistry 化學 私人補習 Chemistry tutorial

IGCSE Edexcel Hong Kong Exam date

Paper 1 2019/05/16

Paper 2 2019/06/12

Time left:

Edexcel (2019 New Syllabus)

Chemistry content
1 Principles of chemistry
2 Inorganic chemistry
3 Physical chemistry
4 Organic chemistry

1 Principles of chemistry
(a) States of matter
(b) Elements, compounds and mixtures
(c) Atomic structure
(d) The Periodic Table
(e) Chemical formulae, equations and calculations
(f) Ionic bonding
(g) Covalent bonding
(h) Metallic bonding
(i) Electrolysis

2 Inorganic chemistry
(a) Group 1 (alkali metals) – lithium, sodium and potassium
(b) Group 7 (halogens) – chlorine, bromine and iodine
(c) Gases in the atmosphere
(d) Reactivity series
(e) Extraction and uses of metals
(f) Acids, alkalis and titrations
(g) Acids, bases and salt preparations
(h) Chemical tests

3 Physical chemistry
(a) Energetics
(b) Rates of reaction
(c) Reversible reactions and equilibria

4 Organic chemistry
(a) Introduction
(b) Crude oil
(c) Alkanes
(d) Alkenes
(e) Alcohols
(f) Carboxylic acids
(g) Esters
(h) Synthetic polymers

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