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HKDSE Chemistry化學 私人補習 Chemistry tutorial

DSE Chem course content:
Topic I. Planet earth
Topic II. Microscopic world I
Topic III. Metals
Topic IV. Acids and bases
Topic V. Fossil fuels and carbon compounds
Topic VI. Microscopic world II
Topic VII. Redox reactions, chemical cells and electrolysis
Topic VIII. Chemical reactions and energy
Topic IX. Rate of reaction
Topic X. Chemical equilibrium
Topic XI. Chemistry of carbon compounds
Topic XII. Patterns in the chemical world
Topic XIII. Industrial chemistry
Topic XIV. Material chemistry
Topic XV. Analytical chemistry




Paper 1: Compulsory part of the curriculum


2 hours 30 minutes

Paper 2: Elective part of the curriculum


1 hour

School-based Assessment (SBA)



Paper 1 comprises two sections: A and B.

Paper 2 consists of structured questions and carries 20% of the subject mark.


dse chem 5**dse chem 5**